Meinrad Spenger

Chief Executive Officer (Executive)

Mr. Spenger is Bachelor of Law (Graz / Austria and Trieste / Italy) and holds a Master in Business Administration from the Instituto de Empresa (IE) and the Italian Business School SDA Bocconi (Milan).


Mr. Spenger worked as a consultant for five years at McKinsey & Company, where he served as Engagement Manager and gained extensive international experience in countries such as Austria, Germany, Italy and Spain, and in several sectors including telecommunications.

Mr. Spenger is the cofounder of Más Móvil Telecom 3.0, S.A., where he held the position of Chief Executive Officer until its integration into the current Masmovil Ibercom, S.A.

Otros consejos a los que pertenece

Mr. Spenger is the sole director of Xfera Móviles, S.A.U., Netllar, S.L.U., Carrier E-Mobile, S.L.U. and The Bymovil Spain, S.L.U., the representative of the sole director (Masmovil Ibercom, S.A.) of XTRA Telecom, S.A.U., Masmovil Broadband, S.A.U., Masmovil Infrastructures, S.L.U., Masmovil Investments, S.L.U., Masmovil Holdphone, S.A.U., Masmovil Phone & Internet, S.A.U., Pepeworld, S.L.U., Pepe Energy, S.L., Pepemobile, S.L. and Embou Nuevas Tecnología, S.L.U. and Executive Chairman of Sppoting Developments, S.L.

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