People & Society

Data protection
Privacy and data security The security of information and the protection of personal data, that is [...]
Safety and health
Employee health and safety measures Through our Corporate Wellness Plan, internal initiatives are [...]
Supply chain
Guarantee of respect for Labor Rights and Human Rights We reject any kind of forced labor, the use [...]
Clients and Community
Customer satisfaction In the studies carried out in 2022, continuing with the dynamics of previous [...]
Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity strategy We guarantee equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in access, [...]
Working at MASMOVIL
Working conditions We implement a human resources management model in the Group that allows attrac [...]
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Objectives and Evolution
  Employee training objectives Based on the criticality of the position, the gaps identified [...]
Social Policies
Equal Opportunity Policy The Equal Opportunities Policy aims to be the backbone of a favorable env [...]
“Pienso Luego Actúo”
I think then I act” Yoigo platform that promotes people who are improving the society in which we [...]
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