We transferred our customer-focused vision to other sectors.

That is why we have launched energy, financial, online medicine, insurance and alarm services.

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green energy

We entered the electricity sector through Pepeenergy, a brand within the Pepephone family. Now, with the acquisition of Lucera, an industry expert, and the launch of EnergyGO and MÁSMÓVIL ENERGÍA, we have established ourselves as an alternative to traditional electricity companies.

We are committed to simple, transparent tariffs and tools that allow customers to monitor and reduce their consumption, improving our impact on the environment (and our customers’ bills). And, of course, using 100% renewable energy at all times.

Health, online
medicine & health

Together with QUIRÓN SALUD and Meeting Doctors, we have launched our own online medicine platform: DoctorGO.

We place technology, connectivity and data at the service of users, providing a health service with over 200 doctors ready to answer your queries. We also provide access to face-to-face appointments, tests, e-prescriptions, home pharmacy and health programmes.

We have also recently launched a very attractive health insurance package for the whole family with DKV Seguros.


In order to simplify our customers’ daily lives and to give them access to a personable and straightforward financial service, we have created a joint venture with BNP Paribas (and its commercial brand Celetem): Xfera Consumer Finance.

Our first service, MoneyGO, already gives our customers greater flexibility and availability to finance their phones and access loans and credit cards with very attractive terms and conditions for being Yoigo customers.


To keep your phone even safer, Yoigo offers mobile phone insurance from €3 a month to cover repairs, loss, theft, robbery or mugging, as well as the calls made whilst your phone is in someone else’s hands. The insurance also includes faults that are not covered by your mobile phone manufacturer and you will be given a courtesy phone for full peace of mind in the meantime.


The MASMOVIL Group brings its simple, digital and customer-focused model to the home security market, upgrading and adapting it to customers’ needs.

Homego by Yoigo offers a different kind of alarm service that meets customer expectations, providing them with exclusive benefits:

  • Guaranteed quality and security with a prestigious company such as El Corte Inglés.
  • One price for all and forever.
  • The latest technology without paying extra.
  • A digital experience that puts the customer first and foremost.
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